MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI

Why TCC ?

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Miscellaneous Advantages


  • Infrastructure, technology, materials, all can be replicated.
  • Study materials are freely available.
  • What cannot be replicated are the faculty members and therefore the experience.


  • TCC offers only one comprehensive training programme for each of CAT and GD-PI.
  • This ensures resources are not diluted.


  • The entire programme offered by TCC can be availed only by TCC students.
  • No part of it can be accessed by outsiders in the form of correspondence course, crash course, test series etc.


  • Every detail is quantified.
  • For example number of classes, list of classes, different test series, number of tests etc.

Course Fee

  • Fixed across the entire academic session for all students unlike anywhere else.
  • No gimmicks in the form of freebies, discounts.