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Why TCC ?

Why TCC ?

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Online Advantage

Dedicated Online Test Platform

  • Replicating the computer-based CAT.
  • Replication in terms of testing, pattern, venue and mode of conduct.

Largest Computer Laboratory - unmatched

  • Largest Computer Laboratory among similar institutes.
  • The only place to have the entire Computer Laboratory testing for all students in-house
  • The place to have highest in-house full-length online tests, 15 in number.

No need to "book" slots, visit other "venues" - unmatched

  • No need to book test slots, like elsewhere.
  • No need to visit other venues for taking tests, like elsewhere.
  • Every student assigned a particular customised laboratory-slot.

Based on the curriculum covered so far - unmatched

  • Unique offering, unmatched elsewhere.
  • The only place to have full-length online tests based on the curriculum covered till that point.

Post mortem

  • Review, Solution and Analytics
  • Absolute and Relative benchmarking
  • Percentile, IIM cut-offs, Non-IIM cut-offs
  • Overall Ranking, Sectional Rankings
  • Qualitative, Quantitative and Graphical feedbacks

Estimated CAT percentile - unmatched

  • Based on Mathematical modelling.
  • Know what you would expect on the D-day and not a pseudo "All India Ranking" which does not tell the true story.

Additional Web Support

  • TCC provides 139 tests (for CAT alone) which will be supplemented with Review, Solution and Analytics.
  • TCC provides 24 tests for non-CAT examinations which also will be supplemented with Review, Solution and Analytics.
  • 300 Reading Tests covering a wide gamut of topics to familiarise with myriad topics, to enhance reading prowess, to develop reading patience and to expedite reading speed.
  • General Knowledge Tests - twice every month to test and to develop the GK quotient. After all, “Knowledge is power”.

Mobile Support

  • Reading Tests, Planet K (the General Knowledge portal) and the General Knowledge tests can be accessed anytime, anywhere facilitating preparation.
  • Similarly for Review, Solution and Analytics for the 139 CAT and 24 non-CAT online tests.
  • The TCC online Notice Board is, also, just a click/touch away.