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Transcendent Achievements

CAT Results : Epic

  1. For the last continuous 11 years TCC has the best results among freshers who are general graduates.
  2. This implies B.Com., BBA / BMS, and B.Sc. students who went to a business school without work experience.
  3. These TCC Students have got into top business schools including IIMs and XLRI on a regular basis.


GD-PI Results : Monumental

  1. Best results in the country, by a long margin, since inception (May, 2001), i.e., for the last 20 years.
  2. Also, for the last staggering seventeen years (2004-05 to 2020-21),
    • IIM(s) call-conversion has been above 90 %
    • XLRI call-conversion has been above 80 %
    • Overall call-conversion (all business schools included) has been above 90 %


Career Results : Matchless


Thanks to ‘The TCC Journey’ (CAT & GD-PI trainings),

  1. Till date more than 150 TCC Students have got the best placement in their respective business school.
  2. TCC Students have got the best all India placements, all business schools combined, for 4 consecutive years.
  3. No other institute in the entire country has been able to match this feat.