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Awe-inspiring infrastructure

A state-of-the-art campus spread over two floors comprising 5000 square feet of area provides a lifetime opportunity to experience a premier business school before going to one or even without going to one.

Here, a walk through the serene corridors augurs the walk through the resplendent corridors of achievements.


  • The TCC Campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  • This ensures enhanced security.


Support Edifice

  • This is the platform that caters to the enquiries and doubt clearing of the aspirants both in person and over phone.
  • More importantly, it provides a continual support system for the existing students.


  • Here the students unravel the genesis of Crystal Clear Concepts through an explicit a-la-carte spread of structure, concepts, logic and reasoning.
  • Facilitating the same is technology (audio-visual aids – viz., computer, projector, visualiser, microphone and ceiling mounted speakers) in air-conditioned comfort.
  • The place to brainstorm with the faculty members and carry back immense value addition.

Study Room

  • Learning need not be restricted to the TCC Classroom.
  • This is an aid towards supplementary research and productive reading hours.
  • Students can use the premises for self-study.
  • Brainstorming among students is suggested and strongly encouraged.


  • TCC provides varied reference books for MBA-entrance examinations for further practise.
  • Besides, hundreds of books relating to fiction and non-fiction are available.
  • Moreover, TCC provides a lending library whereby, students can take books home.
  • This is a huge facilitator towards developing a sound reading habit.

Computer Laboratory

  • The Computer Laboratory ensures that “ON” is “IN”.
  • This intends to provide the students with online test practice inside TCC’s own premises.
  • It is the largest Computer Laboratory among similar institutes.

Conference / GD Room

  • This is for group discussion sessions where the students get the unmatched opportunity of building their mind-set and adding to their knowledge frontiers.
  • Corporate boardrooms in the future would evoke a sense of déjà vu.

Interview Chamber

  • This, along with the Conference Room, upholds TCC’s numero uno status in the GD-PI-WAT training, aptly called the Management Development Programme.
  • Here, the budding managers are groomed by the captains of the industry.
  • The interviews are recorded for feedback, analysis and playback.


  • “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and Jill a dull girl, too.
  • After the stimulating (food for thought) Concept Classes, food for the palate can do wonders. At the cafeteria tables the unknown faces transcend to be the known-ones.


  • Gender-specific restrooms are present in different floors.
  • This ensures complete privacy.

Hygiene & Safety

  • Continuous cleaning and sanitisation.
  • Hands-free sanitiser dispenser.