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CAT Training : Director's Desk

Dear Budding Manager,

The only thing constant in this world is change. And, no other examination personifies it better than the Common Admission Test, commonly known as CAT.

CAT is an examination which aspires to determine one’s knowledge, skills, and attitude.

  • Knowledge broadly comprises Quantitative and Verbal prowess
  • Skills imply concentration, patience, speed, accuracy, decision-making, short- & long-term memories and logical, analytical & reasoning abilities
  • Attitude too plays an important role. Perseverance, Passion and Commitment are imperative in the quest towards glory and success

CAT is actually an Application Examination in which the ability to apply existing knowledge to new, uncertain and often ambiguous areas is tested and under constraints.

It is hence a fitness test to ensure the ability to survive and to succeed in this demanding and globalised environment.

In the context of the aforementioned, we take pleasure in bringing to you our classroom training towards CAT and the allied MBA-entrance examinations - an experience that aspires to epitomise the concept of training.

The training details are enclosed.
Notwithstanding the same, in our endeavour towards continual development and excellence, we reserve the right to modify the programme, the modus-operandi, and the pedagogy without prior notice.

Explicit objectives of this training are as follows :

  • Development of the requisite Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude for CAT and the allied MBA-entrance examinations
  • Crystal Clear Concepts

The subtle objectives encompass :

  • To change the way one lives and thinks
  • To ensure Overall Development and Character Building

Let us not be myopic, any more, in life.

With best wishes.