MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI

Reading Tests


  • 600 online passages covering a wide gamut of topics.
  • Familiarise, Enhance, Develop, Expedite, Capture, Analyse, Track.
  • Familiarises with myriad topics.
  • Enhances reading prowess.
  • Develops reading patience.
  • Expedites reading speed.
  • Captures, analyses and tracks reading speed.
  • To be undertaken along with the ‘Mental Gymnasium’ as per dictum. 
  • Select the requisite category and thereafter the requisite sub-category.
  • Start the timer.
  • Stop the timer after reading the passage.
  • Write the gist in an exclusive notebook.
  • Conduct post-mortem with the help of ‘Review & Solution’ and ‘Analytics’.