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GD-PI-WAT Training : Director's Desk

Dear Budding Manager,

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the world's most sought-after postgraduate education as it is an imperative stepping stone towards a successful management, leadership, and entrepreneurial career.

In the era in which we live, the reach and the scale of operations are necessities as companies are diversified and multi-faceted. This global thinking and local planning increase the scope of an MBA substantially as an education in management provides a basket of the requisite knowledge, skills, and mind-set needed to survive and to succeed in this demanding environment.

In this globalised and liberalised environment, it provides a passport towards wider career options, superior employment positions, faster career growth, and enhanced income potential.

To pursue a postgraduate education in management entry into a (premier) business school is mandatory. However, there exists a gross mismatch between demand (number of aspirants) and supply (number of seats). This economic discrepancy is bridged by an Aptitude Test followed by Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT).

To overcome the seemingly insurmountable second barrier, we bring your way our ‘Management Development Programme (MDP)’ - a programme that aspires to epitomise the training towards Soft-Skills Development in general and GD-PI-WAT in particular.

The training details are enclosed.

Notwithstanding the same, in our endeavour towards continual development and excellence, we reserve the right to modify the programme, modus-operandi, and pedagogy without prior notice.

The objectives of this programme are as follows :

  • Profound Personality Development
  • Development of the requisite Aptitude, Abilities, and Attitude
  • To ensure ‘Overall Development’ and ‘Character Building’

This programme will also go a long way in helping :

  • Towards business school class participation
  • Towards winning competitions
  • Towards campus placements
  • Towards job interviews
  • In the corporate world
  • In managing businesses
  • Throughout life

Let us not be myopic, any more, in life.

With best wishes.