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Test Platform



  • Please go through the following slowly, meticulously and patiently.
  • Failure to do so will affect the experience and the learning. 


  • In true TCC tradition, like everything else, even the ‘Test Platform’ is exclusive. They are only for the TCC students.
  • Keeping this in mind you are expected to adhere to the exclusivity, privacy and intellectual property right.
  • If you provide access to somebody else (in some other device) you will not be able to access the tests from your device.


  • Your username and password were sent to you, when you took admission, through the ‘Welcome & Support’ mail.
  • They will be used to access the ‘Test Platform’.


Use Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser.


  • You should have a reliable and a robust internet connection.
  • Throughout the test you will need to maintain the requisite internet connection failing which the test-taking experience will suffer.
  • If you lose momentary internet connection, there will be a warning sign for you to make amends.


  • Apart from ‘Demonstration Tests’ and ‘TCCEE (TCC Evaluation Examination)’ we will provide you with 12 different ‘Test Series’.
  • Each of these 12 contains numerous and myriad tests totalling more than 800 tests.
  • These 12 can be divided into two categories – ‘General Tests’ and ‘Pattern-Specific Tests’.
  • General Tests – Reading Tests, Word Power, Topic Tests, Subject Tests, GK Tests
  • Pattern-Specific Tests – CAT – Laboratory Tests, Archive Tests, RealCATs
  • Pattern-Specific Tests – Non-CAT – XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT
  • The details of each of these 12 have been provided in the respective ‘Features’.


  • Flexibility for Tests
    • For convenience and flexibility, you can take the ‘General Tests’ using any device.
    • You will also have the option to change devices whenever desired for.
    • However, it is suggested that you take the tests only through your computer - desktop or laptop.
    • The level of seriousness will be poles apart as compared to that of your phone.
    • Use phone only in the worst-case scenario
  • Necessity for Tests
    • You can take the ‘Demonstration Tests’, the TCCEE and the ‘Pattern-Specific Tests’ only on a desktop or on a laptop.
    • For example, on the D-day you will take CAT on a desktop or on a laptop. You should get used to it.
    • Taking a 3-hour test like CAT on any other device, most notably on a phone, would be self-defeating.
    • Also, the CAT platform with all the paraphernalia cannot be captured meaningfully on a phone.
    • Similarly, for the other MBA-entrance examinations.
    • Appreciating the aforementioned, you can take the ‘Demonstration Tests’, the TCCEE and the ‘Pattern-Specific Tests’ only on a desktop or on a laptop.  


This will get activated as soon as the test is over unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
This will enable you to revisit the test immediately.
This comprises,
Redo mode - you can solve the questions (once more) beyond the test
Revision mode - you can understand how you took the test
Solution - detailed solution for each question provided for your meticulous perusal
Filters - take advantage of various filters to facilitate your revision


This will get activated as soon as the test is over unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
This will enable you to perform extensive analysis of the test immediately.
This comprises Qualitative, Quantitative and Graphical feedbacks.  
Additional Filters will facilitate the same.


For convenience and flexibility you can access ‘Review & Solution’ and ‘Analytics’ of all the tests on any device including your phone.


These features will further facilitate your understanding and retention.


Use an exclusive notebook for rough work. This will serve as a useful reference point.


At the end of each test, your score will appear on screen unless otherwise explicitly mentioned. Once a test is submitted wait till the score table is made available. Do not close the browser before that as it may result in loss of your data for that particular test.


  • To take the Online Tests visit the ‘Test Platform’.
  • Choose the requisite ‘Test Series’.
  • Enter the platform using your username and password.
  • You have now reached your personalised and customised ‘Dashboard’.
  • Choose the stipulated test.  
  • Read the ‘Instruction Page’ carefully.
  • Take the test to the best of your ability.
  • At the end of the test your score will appear on screen unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
  • Then, visit ‘Review & Solution’.
  • Complete the questions you could not solve in the stipulated time in the ‘Redo mode’.
  • Thereafter, shift to ‘Revision mode’ to understand the solution to each question including the ones you got correct, yes correct.
  • Use ‘Bookmarking’, ‘Notes’ and ‘Filters’ to good effect.
  • Further, visit ‘Analytics’ and analyse the Qualitative, Quantitative and Graphical feedbacks.
  • Besides, use additional ‘Filters’ to good effect.
  • Some segments of ‘Analytics’ will become meaningful only after you have taken multiple tests.


The test taking window for each ‘Test Series’ has been specified in the respective ‘Features’.


  • You will shoulder responsibility.
  • You will also need to be accountable to yourself.
  • It is your career, nobody else’s.


  • For optimal value addition you should take the tests in a ‘Slot’ and even undertake its post-mortem as such.
  • You should follow the golden rules.
  • Be alone.
  • Be at your study table or at a make-shift one.
  • Your phone should be switched off and kept away from your reach.
  • Do not get up, do not talk.
  • All of these will make the learning far more efficient and effective.


  • You should not access the ‘Benchmarks’, for the 'Test Series' in reckoning, unless you have taken the test in consideration.
  • Additionally, once you have taken a particular test you should not discuss it with anybody who is yet to take the test. Before taking a particular test you are not supposed to enquire about it. This includes discussion and enquiry about the test score.
  • Violating the aforementioned will lead to gross dilution of value addition.


The aforementioned are to make the entire process not only efficient and effective but also meaningful, fulfilling, enriching, satisfying and purposeful.


In case of any difficulty do not hesitate to contact us.
We are there to help you, as always.
Best wishes and take care.