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CAT Programme

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Customised and Personalised Phase

Onset evaluation

  • TCC Evaluation Examination (TCCEE)
  • Individual feedback
  • Absolute and relative benchmarking

Tête-à-têtes (One-to-ones)

  • Customisation and Personalisation at its best.
  • Conducted, individually, for every single student.
  • Customisation of ‘Plan of Action’ for every single student.
  • One-to-one career guidance for every single student.
  • In accordance with the background, competence, interests and aspirations of the particular student.

Plan of Action Sessions

  • These sessions will tell what, when, why and how of the MBA-entrance preparation and process.
  • These sessions will also ensure that the preparation and process are far more effective and far more efficient.
  • These sessions along with the one-to-one session will further ensure that the perfect career decision is taken.

Business School Sessions

  • These sessions provide deep insights into management education, business schools and MBA-entrance examinations.
  • They also provide a framework towards business school application, keeping in mind an individual’s competence, background, interests and aspirations.
  • They will further provide extensive and customised guidance towards form filling.
  • Besides, they will provide extensive and customised guidance for business school and specialisation selections.

Strategy Sessions

  • These sessions provide customised strategies and tactics to be adopted in CAT and the other MBA-entrance examinations.
  • These sessions in particular and the entire training in general will ensure that a student can handle uncertainties and ambiguities.