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CAT-2024 (CAT-24)

Admission Commencement
3rd May, 2023

Session Commencement
1st week of June, 2023

Experience a premier business school before going to one
or, for that matter, even without going to one

Are YOU ‘Future Ready’ yet ?




(Nonpareil Faculty, Transcendent Achievements,
Awe-inspiring Infrastructure, Exceptional Services)


Get ‘Future Ready’ at TCC

Training towards CAT-2024

and the allied MBA-entrance examinations-2024 (XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT)

Includes the Legendary Classroom Training,
TCC Concepts & The Matchless TCC Conditioning,

Unique & Unmatched Personalised and Customised Support,

Only institute to have Specialist, Constant and Permanent Faculty members,

108 Concept Classes towards Crystal Clear Concepts,

Backup Classes (Backup on Demand, Customised, Daily, Weekly, Supplementary, Video),

108 sessions towards conceptual doubt clearing,
Further, MBA-entrance and career doubt clearing,

Tête-à-têtes (One-to-One Sessions), Brainstorming, Shortcut Phase,

108 sessions reiterating the concept classes in the Revision Phase,

‘Plan of Action’ (POA) Sessions, Strategy Sessions
(for CAT and for the major non-CAT examinations),

Career Sessions, Management Sessions,

Selection, Application, Form filling of Business Schools,
More than
12,000 pages of Study Material,

General Knowledge Platform comprising 12 Categories having 72 Features,

12 examination-specific & pattern-specific ‘Test Series’ comprising more than 1400 tests,

The Grandest, the Peerless and the Strategic Triple CAT Test Series,

50 CAT-patterned full-length tests in the CAT platform,

Largest Computer Laboratory in Eastern India,

5000 square feet of state-of-the-art campus catering to myriad needs


Overall Development ;
Indeed, Training for Life.

No wonder that students say that
TCC offers the best CAT training, the best that can be.


Decide logically, not based on gimmicks, discount-traps and nomadic faculty members

The Legendary Classroom Training

The Exemplary TCC Concepts & The Matchless TCC Conditioning

Indomitable & Irrefutable - at The TCC Campus

Passionately Yours since May, 2001