MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI

Faculty Advantage

The reasons provided are objective - something which can be proved
&  NOT
tall claims or subjective reasons which are a matter of contention.





  • Throughout the entire curriculum and time period the same person will teach the entire spectrum of a particular subject.
  • Sir (Mr. Sandip Sen) will teach the entire gamut of Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.
  • Ma'am (Dr. Soma Sen) will teach the entire spectrum of English.
  • This will ensure mutual understanding and matching of wavelengths between faculty members & students.




  • The two faculty members who will take all the classes happen to be the owners themselves.
  • This ensures they are permanent, by default.
  • This also ensures that the students are not in the hands of part-time, visiting and, most importantly, nomadic faculty members who may leave any time thereby putting the students in a lurch.