MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI
Name : Punit P. Parekh
School : Bhawanipur ; Birla High
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2015-17)
The training is certainly the best one can get. It transcends the boundaries of GD-PI and moves into domains which will stand us in good stead in a Business School and throughout life. The ability to handle uncertainties, thinking impromptu, communicate (verbally & nonverbally) with an unperturbed demeanour in the face of adversities and to optimally leverage one's strengths are the key takeaways.

Name : Nikita Agarwal
School : Nirmala Convent, Siliguri
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2014-16)
The TCC training is by far the best training I have undergone and I am sure the feeling is going to be the same for everyone who has traversed this journey like me. This training builds self-confidence and helps create habits like discipline, punctuality, deadlines, commitment and the never-give-up attitude that will stay with us forever. I am always going to be grateful to TCC for training me for life.

Name : Himanshu Rathi
School : Shree Jain
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (2016-18)
Thanks to “Crystal Clear Concepts”, TCC has the potential of turning an average student into an exceptional one. The “Plan of Actions”, one-to-ones and relentless push ensure that goals are set, customized and achieved flawlessly. Post TCC, I find myself altogether a different person. TCC has been a torchbearer in the lives of students and it is a pleasure being a part of this inseparable family.

Name : Radhika Juthani
School : La Martiniere
Business School : IBS, Hyderabad (2015-17)
TCC is my second home. It took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. TCC helped me enter a Business School with 99.9 percentile in GD-PI, top MBA, get scholarship twice and convert RBI's coveted placement. Such is the TCC training that even the teachers at my college were amazed to see such professionalism in me. TCC is indeed the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Name : Rajat Poddar
School : Salt Brook, Dibrugarh ; DPS, Guwahati
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai (2016-18)
The training has been a life-time experience for me and a remarkable one, too. It enriched my skills, helped me become a confident person and helped me to look at life with a new perspective. Getting into a top business school was my dream and TCC helped me to turn that dream into reality. Because of the exposure one gets in TCC, the Business School GDs & PIs turn out to be a cakewalk at the end.

Name : Suryansh Goel
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2014-16)
The TCC training is the most comprehensive preparation possible. The GDs & PIs prepared me for placements at the Business School as well. The training helps in building an overall personality, builds confidence and develops a can-do attitude. It is difficult to put in words how this process works. It can only be experienced but not described. I am one of the few to be a part of this incredible journey.

Name : Bharati Mitruka
School : Agrasain Balika, Howrah ; Ashok Hall
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2016-18)
TCC GD-PI training shaped me not only for facing the entrance challenges of a Business School but also trained me for life. It improved my interpersonal skills, helped me break out of my shell and taught me not just what to say but how to say it. It not only helped me recognize my potential but also helped me realize my dreams that I did not think I could fulfil. TCC will always be home for me.

Name : Uddhav Poddar
School : Don Bosco, Park Circus
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2016-18)
The essence of the GD-PI training is excellence and one can experience this in any real-life set-up. The difference between a TCCian and a non-TCCian is so stark and so plainly evident that it is breath-taking. The tangible and the intangible takeaways from this training are non-quantifiable. My journey at TCC has proven to be a complete metamorphosis for me. It can only be experienced.

Name : Zoya Siddiqui
School : DPS, Bokaro
Business School : Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon (2016-18)
The training was easily the best. The key factor was the personalized attention given to each student from day one which ensured that everyone performed to the best of their capability. Every aspect of GD & PI was covered and it helped in building the overall personality. Sir's and Ma'am's commitment make this training the most enriching one can ever get. I thank TCC for making me a better person.

Name : Sanmay Bhaumik
School : St. James'
Business School : Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune (2015-17)
There was always a wide gap between what I think and what I am able to produce under pressure. TCC closed this gap. TCC gave me the motivation and push, helped me focus and prepared me mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. Under Sir's & Ma'am's mentorship, guidance and care I did a lot of growing up. The experience and values inculcated will last me a lifetime.

Name : Shrivatsa Bhatter
School : Lakshmipat Singhania
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2015-17)
CAT is just the first step and thereafter the importance of excelling in GDs & PIs cannot be overemphasised. With myriad classes backed by applications in business-school-like GDs & PIs, the training develops a host of skills. The learnings are applicable not only for Business Schools but also for life. TCC is the epitome of customisation based on individual needs.

Name : Parul Laddha
School : Manav Mangal, Mohali ; Bhavan, Chandigarh
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2016-18)
TCC is indeed a training for life. It has been a life-changing experience for me and it has changed my perspective towards life. It has developed my personality and skills by notches. It has prepared me for the corporate world however challenging and demanding it may be. The entire journey at TCC has been phenomenal and enriching. TCC has been a second home and it will continue to be so forever.

Name : Tejas Jalan
School : The Heritage
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (2015-17)
TCC is by far the best. The way customization and completion are amalgamated is awesome. The stark difference between us and the non-TCC students is visible in the GD-PI of Business Schools and even when appearing for placement GDs & PIs in the Business School. The focus on the finer details and on every individual helped me tremendously, as it made me improve other aspects of my career.

Name : Maitri Vira
School : Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan ; Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai (2016-18)
TCC helped me discover myself and made me a better human being. It has immensely helped me to improve my communication skills. The faculty members have always been easily accessible and most of the doubts are cleared even before they arise. I have never seen any other place where each and every student is given so much personal attention and everything is given so much attention to detail.

Name : Shubham Kakrania
School : Birla High
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai (2016-18)
TCC was the best experience of my life. It brought a metamorphosis in me. The training was a very fun-filled experience and made me strongly believe that intangibles matter the most. I would always be grateful to TCC because it helped me realize my potential and kept me motivated. The training was indeed towards a holistic development. TCC was a journey to remember and cherish for life.

Name : Harsh Agarwal
School : St. Xavier's Collegiate
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2015-17)
TCC has created a huge impact in the way I think and lead my life. There was clearly a gargantuan difference between the etiquette of TCC students and the general crowd when it came to GD-PI. The course is designed as such that it forces us to enhance our knowledge which is imperative to be successful. My success is primarily because of the impeccable 'life' training that was imparted at TCC.

Name : Gitika Tibrewala
School : St. Helen's, Kurseong ; Sushila Birla
Business School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (2016-18)
The training at TCC is indeed for life and one of the most enriching experiences ever. I saw myself evolve not only as an orator but also as a person. The training helped me break my chains, polish my skill-set and develop my mannerisms immensely which really set me apart. It armed me with the necessary weapons required to face all the GDs & PIs that have and that are yet to come my way.

Name : Rishi Gupta
School : Julien Day
Business School : S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (2016-18)
TCC is a place where we are always welcome with the most open arms and where there is someone to always support us. TCC has taught us to always walk on the right path. It has indeed transformed my life to an immeasurable degree, made me conquer mountains I didn't expect to see the pinnacles of and made me believe in my true potential. I owe too much than I can ever possibly return to TCC.

Name : Umang Gupta Agarwal
School : Modern High
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar (XIMB), (2015-17)
The training, also, taught us the tiniest details, about everything that we assumed were trivial but were actually the details that would set us apart and make us win our battles. This training not only helps to crack the GD-PIs but also helps to prepare us for handling the challenges of a Business School and managing the most difficult situations in the corporate world and life. I am grateful that I joined TCC.

Name : Chirag Gupta
School : Purwanchal Vidyamandir
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar (XIMB), (2016-18)
The training was pleasantly surprising at every turn. Its intensity woke us up from our slumber. It was crucial to walk the last mile of the journey. The days spent at TCC make me say this without any second thoughts that the Journey is a lot more beautiful than the Destination, it being traversed with the best faculty members who strive only to see us excel in our lives. TCC taught us a new way of life.

Name : Varun Bajaj
School : La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2016-18)
TCC allows one to experience a Business School before going to one. It ensures a tailored approach towards each student. The GDs & PIs are a "sine qua non" part of the curriculum that equips one to not only perform but also to evaluate one's performance instilling a feedback mechanism to facilitate constant self- improvement. Words cannot capture the essence of my TCC Journey.

Name : Sonal Kanodia
School : Loreto Day ; Loreto House
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2016-18)
The TCC training is exhaustive. We are trained very well with the faculty members thinking of all possible situations that may crop up during GDs & PIs and therefore helping us to be ahead of the majority. The GDs & PIs in complete formals help us get accustomed to the environment and be at ease in the actual group discussions and interviews. The experience is very enriching and helpful.

Name : Ashish Barui
School : Gyan Bharati ; Shree Jain
Business School : National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai (2016-18)
Before TCC I did not know how to speak, behave and act . TCC unearthed my potential and instead of giving me fish it taught me fishing. If anyone will undertake TCC training seriously and follow “Plan of Action”, the interviewers will be mesmerised. Half of MBA happens in these two months of training. The whole TCC experience in one word is "WOW". Also, I got one more set of parents (Sir & Ma'am).

Name : Divya Madhogaria
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : Symbiosis Centre for Management & HRD (SCMHRD), Pune (2014-16)
Training is an understatement, TCC has given me a way of life. It prepared me to face the rigours of a Business School & the Corporate World. It developed my overall personality. Sir’s & Ma'am's personal attention made me achieve things that I was not capable of such as public speaking. They motivated me to work hard and outdo myself. I still refer to my TCC notes to crack GDs, PIs & aptitude tests.

Name : Aman Totla
School : St. James'
Business School : Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), (2016-18)
Joining TCC proved to be a life-altering step. It not only made me focus on my career but also helped me enter a premier Business School and more importantly, it inculcated in me honesty, discipline, punctuality and hard work. It helped in developing all the relevant skills, broadening our horizons and gave us tremendous knowledge. It has been a fantastic learning experience and an education for life.

Name : Bharati Agarwal
School : Modern High
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2010-12)
TCC has been the guiding light in helping me convert all my calls - business schools and job related. Four years since the training, I carefully guard my TCC notes and refer to them regularly. TCC forced me to look within and root out some basic weaknesses, to help me grow to be a better and more informed individual. It has helped me make some major life choices, for which I shall forever be grateful.The TCC experience is like no other & you are fortunate if you have the opportunity to undertake it!

Name : Vishal Kedia
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2012-14)
TCC GD-PI training is undoubtedly the best. The personalised attention given to every student is very essential to build the required skills in such a short span of time and TCC manages it with ease. The course is very meticulously designed to provide students a prior experience of a business school before they actually enter one. Have it from the horse's mouth - here I am in one of the biggest business schools of Asia, and yet I can notice a marked difference between me & the non-TCC students. Joining TCC was one of the best choices I ever made.

Name : Sitaram Agarwal
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2009-11)
The TCC GD-PI training is viewed by a lot of people as a very effective way of cracking group discussions & interviews and getting into a premier business school. However, it is much more than that - it is the first taste of what lies ahead and prepares aspirants giving them the right attitude and necessary skill-set to carry along. The thing most unique was the belief to get the basics right in the first place, upon which the larger things would follow.

Name : Vikas Maloo
School : M.P. Birla; La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2008-10)
The word 'training' does not do justice to each of the TCC CAT and GD-PI programs;each one is mentorship at its best. For those of us who were lucky to be involved in the CAT training, the expectation bar for GD-PI training had been set higher than Mt. Everest but then again TCC is all about conquering seemingly unscalable peaks. My respect & appreciation have gone up post their completion.It is more than 4 years since I was in those hallowed premises and I strongly believe that the 'trainings' were brilliant. Words are inadequate to describe the experience; all I can say is that they have been till date the most cherished in my life and all I aspire for is to obtain that level of motivation again.

Name : Snigdha Dalmiya
School : Ashok Hall
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2012-14)
TCC is run by wheels of discipline, oiled by inspiration, dedication & knowledge. The training stands for its brilliant course structure, best simulated GD-PI environment and a great support mechanism. It has helped us to be akin with our surroundings, taught us to be aware of world affairs and most important of all instilled in us the quality of being diplomatic, smart & honest all at the same time. It has helped me broaden my horizons and see beyond the conventional boundaries. It has helped me achieve my dream.

Name : Vaibhav Rathi
School : LSA
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2011-13)
The GD-PI training at TCC was very comprehensive where each and every aspect of Interviews and Group Discussions were covered. The training not only helps to prepare for GD-PI but also enables personality development. The training helps one to be able to face any interview and prepares one for any obstacle to be faced during the course of one's career. The training was indeed towards holistic development.

Name : Ekta Ladia
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2012-14)
TCC believed more in my potential than I ever did. This was never only training for CAT and GD-PI but a journey I will always cherish. The crystal clear concepts brought about a metamorphosis in me. The GD-PI training was the last but never the least leg of this memorable journey. The fact that I was appreciated by the panellists at every place was only due to this journey. This was a training for life and will always be an integral part of me.

Name : Bhanu Pratap
School : St. Xavier's, Bokaro
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2007-09)
Easily comes the word "best in its class" when it is about TCC GD-PI training. Survive the course duration and you will not just be well-prepared for GD-PI but will also experience a personality makeover. Ma'am will give you the carrot, Sir will give you the stick and together they will ensure that you always are among the best performers in GDs & PIs. Business School is just the start! It's been over 5 years since I completed the training and the skills imbibed at TCC are still applied extensively.

Name : Prashant Kajaria
School : St. Xavier's
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2012-14)
"Experience a business school before going to one"- the essence of the entire journey can be summarized in this line. The innovative nature of the GD-PI training ensured a perfect combination of learning and fun. These classes also made us more aware of oursurroundings, broaden our horizons and forced us to think on issues which we would just let pass. The 3-month course of GD-PI training has been a very pleasant and fun-filled experience and has definitely made me believe more strongly that intangibles matter the most.

Name : Sarvesh Kanodia
School : St. Aloysius; La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (2009-11)
The GD-PI training is very rigorous and hence one is prepared for all kinds of situations one might come across during GDs & PIs. I honestly believe that there is nothing more which can be taught regarding GD/PI than what one learns at TCC. Both Sir & Ma'am provide enough artillery to crack any GD/PI - it is upon the student to take it from there. I can definitely say that it was a "training for life" for me. Every student should go through this experience ; else one misses out on something important in life.

Name : Anish Agarwal
School : Don Bosco; Army School, Bengdubi
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (2012-14)
The TCC GD-PI program is a personality development program which helps one to achieve overall development and excellence. It brings out the best in an individual and develops the power of thinking by notches. It is a completely different package with surprises at every step. A life-time experience which not only gives one inputs to enter a premier business school but also provides a training towards entire life.

Name : Paridhi Jain
School : Modern High
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
The GD-PI training saw me evolve not only as a well-equipped candidate for business school evaluation processes but , more importantly, as a much more confident human being. Sir & Ma'am have held my hand all through the journey and it is only their love & support that motivated me to strive for excellence at all times. My place in XLRI today is completely because of Sir & Ma'am. The concepts of life will always remain deep-rooted in me to the extent that today, studying in one the best business schools of the country I feel I am and shall always be better placed than any non-TCC student. Thank you for laying down a bedrock of crystal clear values which upholds my success.

Name : Stuti Kajaria
School : Modern High
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2008-10)
At TCC, while the prima facie focus may appear to be on clearing the GD-PI hurdle, the 'Crystal Clear Concepts' taught has a far wider application. The training was far more useful than anything else that I did simply because it helps me till date. Often during campus placements or at the workplace, the way I have structured my thoughts & presented my ideas has stemmed much from what I have learnt from Sir & Ma'am. Their commitment and focus is something that doesn't cease to surprise me even today.

Name : Sulbha Kothari
School : Birla High
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
Not being in such an institution for CAT classes will remain a life-long regret. The concepts taught here have made me realise that it is the nuances that differentiate us from the crowd and help us make a mark. The enthralling environment, sheer cooperation and constant guidance & support cannot be matched elsewhere. My experience at TCC, indeed, has been a life-altering one. We can leave TCC but TCC cannot leave us.

Name : Shubham Kochar
School : Shree Jain
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
Performing well in CAT, XAT etc. plays only a small part in entering a Business School. The battle starts during GD-PI as one has to compete with equals and the competition is fierce. TCC's GD-PI program gave me an edge which helped me sail through and come out on top. TCC helped me to discover myself and present myself in a better manner. I feel much more confident. Be it a formal or social gathering, I am a lot better equipped in handling people and making an impact. TCC's GD-PI training is surely a 'training for life'.

Name : Sakshi Jhunjhunwala
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
I can proudly say that after the training, I felt I was miles ahead of the others who weren't a part of TCC.For me TCC isn't a training institute, it is like my family - honing my skills, helping me overcome my weaknesses and training me for life. The ethics & values inculcated in us by Sir & Ma'am is a blessing in disguise. Training at TCC isn't done for the purpose of conducting business ; it is to make us capable of becoming good managers so that we can make the world a better place to live in. I feel proud to be a part of this wonderful family.

Name : Shashank Agarwal
School : South Point
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
Joining TCC for CAT and GD-PI was a blessing and we learnt more than just the tangibles. The classes were highly innovative. The facility of video recording was highly helpful. Overall it was one of the most memorable experiences and cannot be described in words. They say that the journey is more important than the destination and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, thanks to TCC !

Name : Mayank Gupta
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2010-12)
The best part about my GD-PI experience at TCC was the special attention given to each and every student. The weaknesses are identified at an early stage and valuable feedback & suggestions are given regularly. A candidate is made to face different situations in terms of Interviews and GDs, which keeps him/her in the best position to face any uncertainties which may arise on the all-important day. I feel GD-PI training at TCC is a must, whether one has any interview calls or not, as the learning remains for life.

Name : Nidhi Poddar
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (2006-08)
Focus on each individual's strengths as well as pointers on areas which need improvement go a long way in ensuring her success. Care is taken to enhance each student's knowledge and skills catering to each aspect of the GD & PI process, be it content, voice modulation or grooming. I still remember how an introvert like me evolved during the GD-PI training with tremendous support of Sir & Ma'am and was able to crack some of the toughest selection processes in the country.

Name : Ashish Kumar Agarwal
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (2007-09)
Without an iota of doubt, TCC GD-PI training is the best in the country. The statistics of successful conversion speaks for itself. It has the best training process, content as well as the faculty mix which makes the whole training experience very unique. The training although very rigorous & demanding is necessary at the same time. It takes a much larger view of professional development. It is not geared just towards cracking GD-PI but instrumental in shaping effective future managers.

Name : Nilisha Agarwal
School : Ashok Hall
Business School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (2011-13)
GD-PI training at TCC is, indeed, training for life. The concepts taught encompassed every aspect in great detail, more importantly the numerous practices helped me etch them in me and most importantly the personalized feedback helped me customize & fine-tune my preparation. I faced my business school GDs & PIs with confidence and cleared all 7 of them. TCC is the best thing that has ever happened to me. TCC is a once in a lifetime experience and the learning transcends all boundaries.

Name : Manish Adukia
School : Sacred Heart, Assam
Business School : MDI, Gurgaon (2010-12)
The training process was so structured that it made one realise all the shortcomings one has and then over a period of time helped one get rid of all of them. The improvement brought about over the course of those 4 months was massive. It won't be wrong to say that it is as much a personality development program as it is GD-PI training. It is hard to imagine what it would have been like had I not undergone the TCC program. It goes without saying that the training and notes helped me in the campus interviews. Even here at Goldman Sachs, I flip through those on my way to office whenever I have a presentation. The way the TCC training has helped me shape things over the last 2 years, it sure seems to be like the training for a lifetime.

Name : Shruti Agrawal
School : G.D. Birla
Business School : MDI, Gurgaon (2010-12)
The GD-PI training imparted at TCC is literally one of its kind. It is not only designed to suit the requirements and expectations of a business school but is a successful attempt to make one capable of handling any and every corporate interaction in future. The various GD-PI rounds vary more than adequately in their content, rigour and expectations. The improvement brought about by each of the subsequent rounds is starkly evident in terms of the performance delivered by and the self-confidence inculcated in every single candidate. The training is for life. It is an asset, the return out of which continues to generate as we move ahead with time. The mentoring and tutelage received under Sir & Ma'am is unmatched in terms of the overall development it has brought in me. The few months of training not only helped me re-discover myself but made me a much more confident and capable person for my entire life thereafter.

Name : Navneet Ranjan
School : Sainik School, Tilaiya
Business School : MDI, Gurgaon (2007-09)
The CAT and GD-PI programs at TCC were trainings on how to lead one's life. The trainings were like an orbit change for me.True to its commitment, the trainings made my concepts crystal clear. Once, I got my fundamentals right, other things naturally fell in place. I got an entirely new perspective of looking at life.

Name : Ashish Nahata
School : Shree Jain
Business School : School of Management, IIT Bombay (2010-12)
What transpired at TCC was a game-changer in my life. I became a much wiser & knowledgeable person than the one who entered this wonderful temple. When I look back at those months, and the things I learnt there, I am surprised that I use them even now. In both the summer and final Placements, I got through the very first company I sat for. No words can put into perspective, the learning and the experience at TCC. The learning can only be applied and those memories can only be cherished.

Name : Lokesh Bahety
School : Neptune Boarding; St. Xavier's, Kathmandu
Business School : Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi (2010-12)
The TCC-training was akin to a military camp, extremely intense and clock-work like. Guided by teachers who are passionate professionals inside the classroom & pampering parents outside it, the training was as holistic as can be. When Sir said that the training was for life, we thought it was a hyperbole; in reality, however, he didn't even say half of it. I stand today a confident and prepared candidate on every professional forum. You can take me out of TCC, but you can't take TCC out of me.

Name : Pankaj Mishra
School : Maria's Day; MCKV
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2012-14))
Training at TCC contains 100% professionalism, 200% guidance, 300% support & infinite love. TCC will honestly implement all the professional demands as far as the training is concerned with an added advantage, they will give parental love and care, one will always feel at home. The experience at TCC cannot be described in words but I can guarantee that it will make each and every interview of life very easy. I had only one interview call and TCC converted it positively.

Name : Ruchita Choudhary
School : Birla High; LSA
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2012-14)
Joining TCC for CAT & GD-PI was one of the best decisions made by me. Sir & Ma'am made the difficult journey towards MBA-entrance really simple & enjoyable. They made us believe in our capabilities and motivated us to work diligently. The GD-PI classes not only made us completely equipped to face the next challenge that lay ahead of us but also made us better human beings. I can definitely say that the values & principles learnt from Sir & Ma'am make us stand on a higher pedestal today. Truly 'a training for life'.

Name : Shasank Sekhar Jalan
School : Birla High
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2012-14)
The GD-PI training is a feather on the hat. Not only the soft-skills got brushed up but also mastered. It provides training for GDs & PIs for MBA-entrance in particular and for life's milestones in general. In the entire process the cream is mastered but the bedrocks are first laid. It is not just the building blocks of education that we learnt but the linkages of a lifetime. The relationship transcends all boundaries. Aptly put, it is a training for life.

Name : Abhishek Lohia
School : M.P. Birla
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2008-10)
TCC GD-PI training has been the best training I have had in my life. The training was not aimed just towards GD-PI but on overall personality development which goes beyond business school admissions and has a definite positive impact on the way one comes across as smart, intelligent and professional in all his/her endeavours. In fact, the training helped in all my subsequent interviews and group discussions both after joining IIFT and beyond.

Name : Ananyo Sen
School : Don Bosco, Park Circus
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar (2012-14)
Very well structured and extremely disciplined. The modules are rigorous and challenging. Knowledge and inspiration were the crux of the program. Apart from the classroom knowledge and insights provided by Sir, his guidance helped me to understand what is it that I am going for and what is expected of me. And nothing to say about the inspiration provided by Ma'am. It was very crucial for me and the final result speaks for itself - converting 7 out of 8 interview calls. I will always try to live up to her expectations.

Name : Ashish Buchasia
School : Scindia, Gwalior; K.P. Mangalam, Delhi
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (2012-14)
We have parents, who were my first teachers. Then we had Sir & Ma'am, who became my new parents. TCC is the Gurukul I have had the priviledge to attend. Sir & Ma'am are akin to the true GURU. I can say that my career was similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes. By the way, apart from that for life, training for GD-PI was also impeccable.

Name : Sonam Agarwal
School : St. Joseph's
Business School : SCMHRD, Pune (2012-14)
Emphasizing on ethics, TCC training completely transforms a student and helps them realize their goals. It helps them to clearly crystallize their concepts of life and truly makes them way ahead of the lesser mortals. It was a complete package which redefined me and gave me a new vision in life. Whatever I have achieved is just because of the motivation, training and blessing of Sir & Ma'am. I can't be thankful enough.

Name : Aditya Saraogi
School : La Martiniere
Business School : SCMHRD, Pune (2010-12)
GD-PI training at TCC gives a snapshot of the MBA-life. It gives a cross-functional exposure on all the streams. Be it soft skills, academic knowledge or way of thinking, TCC concepts have found its application in all these spheres. The concepts taught and applied during the interview and GD classes are of immense help even during the placement processes in MBA. The training not only helps to get into a business school but also during and post MBA.

Name : Nidhi Singhania
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : Narsee Moonjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (2007-09)
The GD-PI training is phenomenal. It makes converting calls from Business Schools a cake walk ! The things learned during the GD-PI classes has also helped me with my job Interviews, on-the-job presentations and discussions. At every walk of life, the takeaways make the journey of life easier and the whole training process was designed in such a way that it has got embedded in my individuality for a lifetime ! One should never miss a chance to attend the TCC GD-PI training !

Name : Saket Agarwala
School : South Point
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (2012-14)
Exceptional is the only word I can think of. This training can be life-changing for many. The training is quite complete, covering every possible aspect of the syllabus. Practise indeed makes a man perfect and this training compels one to practise and practise till he/she succeeds. Sir & Ma'am are both sound judges of one's character/emotions. In TCC, students gets into the comfort zone faster as the faculty members are permanent.

Name : Preeti Ghorawat
School : Shri Shikshayatan
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore (2011-13)
TCC GD-PI training is the best, no comparison at all. The training is not just confined to crack Business school interviews but also for placements & job interviews. How to handle any situation, what should the answer be, how to answer and how to present oneself is covered in this training. It made me a far more confident person in matters of decision-making, public speaking, etc. I feel a student must go through TCC GD-PI training once in their life even if they are not planning to go to any Business school.

Name : Mukund Kanodia
School : St. Aloysius ; MCKV
Business School : IMT, Ghaziabad (2011-13)
Post CAT-training at TCC when I'd thought that it can't get any better, I was overwhelmed with the GD-PI training. Everything has changed since then. The customized & personal Plan of Action did wonders. Sitting in a formal GD had always been a nightmare. Now I can confidently sit in any GD and make out the dramatic difference between a TCC-student & others. As far as PI is concerned we were prepared for the worst. Attributes like stage fright, feeling lost during an extempore, soft-skills etc. were taken care of in a very creative way. The training helps me even now. All in all the phrase "training for life" is justified to the core.

Name : Mohit Kejriwal
School : Maria's Day
Business School : IMT, Ghaziabad (2011-13)
Life changing experience - a training for life, indeed. It instils a confidence with which no hurdle seems difficult. Both, the CAT and GD-PI trainings, have made a remarkable difference in my life. And the best part about the TCC journey is that it never ends, the support of the entire TCC family stays forever.

Name : Nikita Kumar
School : St. Agnes; St. Teresa
Business School : IMT, Nagpur (2012-14)
The journey from day one, through CAT and thereafter through GD-PI has been unexplainable. A learning experience where we received the basket of requisite values, ethics and knowledge of life. It is appropriate to say ''Thank You!''. Rightly quoted by all of us throughout - it is indeed ''a training for life'', an experience never to come back again.

Name : Rikhit Badalia
School : Don Bosco, Park Circus
Business School : IMI, Delhi (2008-10)
Absolutely fabulous - an experience which every student needs to go through. An experience which has had a significant positive impact on my life. It has meaningfully changed my outlook and my thought process. It has ingrained in me the virtues of humility, hard work, dedication, commitment.... I can keep going on as the list is endless. The virtues picked up from this training are enough to make me sail through the most troublesome times both professionally and personally.

Name : Roshni Chaudhury
School : Modern High
Business School : IMI, Delhi (2012-14)
Like CAT, the GD-PI training was also an enriching and unparalleled experience. TCC has successfully crystallized the GD & PI concepts into a science. The hard as well as soft-skills imparted have developed my capabilities by notches. Individual attention given by Sir & Ma'am has been of great help. TCC is the best. Let me not even compare.

Name : Ankit Jhunjhunwala
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : ICFAI, Hyderabad (2011-13)
TCC GD-PI training is a training for life. It not only prepares for an entry into a Business school but also develops human personality. TCC-training is the best under the sun where a student gets personalised attention and care. It is an integration of qualified and experienced faculty, best infrastructure with latest technology and disciplined staff. In a nutshell after the GD-PI training a student can see a sea-change in him/her. The success of TCC is unmatched - this is the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Name : Dipak Goyal
School : Nopany High; Shree Jain
Business School : ICFAI, Hyderabad (2012-14)
The GD-PI course enabled my overall development. The schedule was highly structured and watertight. I learnt many things. The experience was just speechless.Thank you Sir, Ma'am & the entire TCC team for guiding me for MBA-entrance in particular and life in general.

Name : Tanvi Modi
School : Modern High
Business School : Master of Finance & Control, Delhi (2008-10)
TCC GD-PI training prepares the student for the worst. It transforms the personality of the student and one becomes capable of facing any kind of interview. Very few institutes allow their students to have a one-to-one meeting with the faculty on a regular basis. But at TCC, both Sir & Ma'am are available to talk regularly. The personal attention one gets here is unmatched.

Name : Jai Rampuria
School : Mayo College, Ajmer
Business School : Wellingkar, Mumbai (2012-14)
The training is perfect in every way and catered to all the needs of a business school. The classes are highly structured and organised with emphasis on crystal clear concepts. For the first time in my life classes were fun. TCC has been an essential influence in my life and is close to my heart. It taught us the Value of "Values".

Name : Anirban Basak
School : St.Michael's ; BCI, Durgapur
Business School : IISWBM, Calcutta (2012-14)
The GD-PI training at TCC helped me grow as an individual. Ma'am's classes taught me to come out of my shell & interact with people, especially strangers, more freely. The classes were also aimed at instilling qualities which are expected from an individual when he enters a business school. Sir's classes were an experience of a lifetime. They dealt with strategies ranging from grass-root level to very complex ones. Moreover, all the classes were fun-filled. Overall, I feel the training was a program for overall development and the lessons learnt would help me enormously in all my future endeavours.

Name : Rahul Agarwal
School : St. Helen's
Business School : T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (2012-14)
The first day at TCC, knowledge and confidence in myself was cipher and no motivation to even try. The last day I was left with a sense of life, confidence & the fire inside to learn more. I cannot even believe that it is the same me that was a year back. Life has changed for the good. Once the CAT training ended, couldn't even think of anything better being possible. The GD-PI training went even beyond those levels and it was but a fun ride with knowledge epitomising it. What a life-changing experience!