MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI
Name : Suryansh Goel
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2014-16)
TCC is a place that influenced me for life, it ignited in me the spirit of learning. The training is a transformation journey that creates a long-lasting impression. The TCC journey is no doubt arduous, it will challenge and break but it will make the person stronger and much more responsible.

Name : Nikita Agarwal
School : Nirmala Convent, Siliguri
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2014-16)
Thanks to TCC, the importance of discipline, punctuality, deadlines, commitment and the never-give-up attitude is etched within me. This made my life a lot simpler than I ever thought, in the business school that I went to. I am always going to be grateful to Sir and Ma’am for training me for life.

Name : Varun Bajaj
School : La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2016-18)
The training supercedes the boundaries of CAT & GD-PI to encompass the universe of situations. It brought about a metamorphosis in my approach towards life and cultivated in me not only the required knowledge but also the commensurate wisdom. The experience is indeed "sui generis".

Name : Punit P. Parekh
School : Bhawanipur ; Birla High
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2015-17)
The training is closest to attaining the ideal state of taking care of the universe and preparing for the worst possible scenario. The relentless focus on Crystal Clear Concepts, Plan of Action, essential skills (besides knowledge) and the unremitting motivation and push serve as catalysts to bell the CAT.

Name : Shrivatsa Bhatter
School : Lakshmipat Singhania
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2015-17)
The epitome of customisation based on individual needs, TCC blends the right amount of sternness and affection needed to bring out the best in a student. The CAT classes are the most comprehensive classes I have ever experienced. It was indeed a memorable journey.

Name : Harsh Agarwal
School : St. Xavier’s Collegiate
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2015-17)
Concepts will always remain the bedrock of every successful venture. The extreme pressure which led to the formation of the crystal clear concepts was the differentiating factor for us, TCC students. The training also ensured that one’s attitude, character and behaviour took a huge positive turn.

Name : Prithwijit Mukherjee
School : South Point
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2014-16)
The training makes us focus on the tangible (Crystal Clear Concepts) as well as intangible aspects (Perseverance, Passion and Commitment) needed for clearing CAT. The structure of the curriculum combines these aspects perfectly and makes us develop the necessary skills and confidence.

Name : Prateek Modi
School : South Point
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2013-15)
I never had to look beyond what was taught at TCC. The extremely structured and complete curriculum and the methodology, stressing as much on theory as on application, have brought in me a clarity in concepts which I had never experienced before. TCC has truly trained me for life.

Name : Parul Laddha
School : Manav Mangal, Mohali ; Bhavan, Chandigarh
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2016-18)
The entire journey has been phenomenal and enriching. The insurmountable effort and support by Sir and Ma'am has made me what I am today. TCC has been like a second home for me and it will continue to be so forever. I am going with many lessons and memories which I will cherish for life.

Name : Uddhav Poddar
School : Don Bosco, Park Circus
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2016-18)
The TCC training is highly exhaustive, extremely personalised and mind-bogglingly comprehensive, which are its USP. It has been a metamorphosis for me. Wherever I stand today and wherever I hope to stand in the future, is and always will be due to Sir, Ma'am and the entire TCC team.

Name : Nishit Dhanuka
School : St. James'
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2015-17)
For the world, TCC is an institution that trains people for competitive exams. But for many of us, TCC trains people for life. Sir and Ma'am have always pushed me to my maximum potential and have never let me give up. TCC has played a monumental role in helping me achieve my IIM dream.

Name : Pragya Sancheti
School : Welland Gouldsmith ; Sushila Birla
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2015-17)
‘Metamorphosis’ is the word that best describes the TCC experience. It was more than just a training for CAT. The lessons learnt will be treasured for eons to come, for the greater goal at TCC, is to gear students for life. TCC indeed felt like a second home during the training.

Name : Vedant Jain
School : Assam Valley
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2015-17)
The training was more preparation for life than mere preparation for CAT, the effect cannot be expressed in words. What stood out was how everybody always pushed us into giving that extra effort. The knowledge, values and motivation that TCC has ingrained in me have been invaluable.

Name : Vaishali Sabherwal
School : Aditya Academy ; Bhavan's Gangabux
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2015-17)
It has been more than a year that I completed the TCC training. Looking back, I believe that the learning is unparalleled and a unique experience. It developed confidence in me. I owe so much to TCC. I truly experienced a business school before going to one. TCC gave me an edge over the others.

Name : Tulika Agarwal
School : Tashi Namgyal,Gangtok ; Mayo College
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2014-16)
The strictness & demand for discipline are what I can’t thank enough. They helped me to a great extent to deliver to the best of my abilities. The whole training gave me a taste of life at a Business School because the reality turned out to be no different and put me ahead of all the non-TCC students.

Name : Aaisha Modi
School : Ashok Hall
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2014-16)
TCC is one place where one does not have to reach out to be provided with unconditional support, where one learns to stay on the ground on gaining success and definitely to stand straight when in doubt. By default and without restrictions, the support provided is unmatchable.

Name : Bharati Mitruka
School : Agrasain Balika, Howrah ; Ashok Hall
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2016-18)
The TCC journey cannot be expressed in words. It not only helped me recognize my potential but also helped me realize my dreams that I did not think I could fulfill. The relentless bashing and love showed me the correct path and still continue to guide me. TCC will always be home for me.

Name : Sonal Kanodia
School : Loreto Day ; Loreto House
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2016-18)
TCC initially gives us all a jolt, forcing us into an immensely disciplined lifestyle. Most of us don't see its importance initially, but on hindsight we realise how much it has influenced us. The personal attention to each by Sir and Ma'am provides the mentorship which is the USP for us, TCC students.

Name : Nisha Jain
School : St. Thomas' Church, Howrah
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2015-17)
The personalised attention one gets here, with a constant watch on ones actions, inactions and the relentless effort by the TCC faculty, to help us improve, not only academically, but also, as a person, is what makes TCC so very special. It has been a very enriching experience.

Name : Shradha Dalmiya
School : Ashok Hall
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2014-16)
TCC is an institute that runs like clockwork, more efficient than the Japanese train schedule. Every student got personal attention and was always encouraged to do well in all walks of life. This was the best part as the focus was on wholesome development and not just on preparing us for some exams.

Name : Ayush Goenka
School : MCKV, Liluah ; Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2013-15)
Sir, Ma’am and the whole TCC team have become an important part of my life. It is the bonding that each one of us share with TCC. The love, affection and attention received from TCC are not possible elsewhere. Crystal Clear Concepts and mesmerising teaching are the bottom lines, nevertheless.

Name : Sitaram Agarwal
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2009-11)
The easy way out, often wrongly interpreted as the smart way out, might seem very attractive in the beginning, it often will not make the difference in the end. The TCC CAT-training on the contrary was the road less travelled, the tougher one and one where one could easily give up. But sticking to it till the end, did indeed make all the difference. The thing most unique and which I liked most about the training was the belief to get the basics right in the first place, upon which the larger things would follow. It helped me build concepts which were very handy and still are in my global corporate work place.

Name : Vikas Maloo
School : M.P. Birla; La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2008-10)
The TCC CAT-training is aptly captured in the motto 'Crystal Clear Concepts'. It is the pedagogy and the dissemination of the same with a focus on inculcating concepts that makes the TCC CAT-experience so special. The environment facilitates generation of passion and transcends passion into perseverance. The ability to ensure that the competitive juices start flowing and creating a 'look-forward-to' feeling for the concept classes is an unparalleled virtue. I genuinely believe that the aptitude and knowledge of a mentor is a given; it is the attitude and wholeheartedness of Sir & Ma'am that sets TCC apart. Just to set the record straight; the course is exhaustive with an endeavour to capture all possible aspects of the most hyped examination in India. However, the holistic methodology focusing on understanding the basics manifested in the 'quality over quantity' approach coupled with the drive towards transforming potential into success through sheer grit and determination provides one a supremely enriching experience. The import on the otherwise neglected things such as being battle ready, keeping the concentration going for 3 hours and the overall meticulously planned approach makes this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The word 'training' does not do justice to the TCC CAT & GD-PI programs; they are mentorship at its best. My respect and appreciation has gone up post its completion. It is more than 4 years since I was in those hallowed premises as a student and I strongly believe that the 'training' was brilliant. Words are inadequate to describe this experience; all I can say is that it has been till date the most cherished experience in my life and all I aspire for is to obtain that level of motivation again.

Name : Ekta Ladia
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2012-14)
TCC believed more in my potential than I ever did. This was never only a training for CAT but a journey I will always cherish. The crystal clear concepts brought about a metamorphosis in me. TCC was truly the first school we ever attended. This was training for life and will always be an integral part of my life.

Name : Bhanu Pratap
School : St. Xavier's School, Bokaro
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2007-09)
It has been over 5 years since I completed the training and I believe that the importance of crystal clear concepts and work commitment has only increased with time. I can see the difference the CAT & GD-PI trainings have made in my approach towards the things that I undertake and my overall personality. Besides the training, a mentor and role model for life comes free with the package. In hindsight, it wasn't ever only about CAT or GD-PI; it was training for life! Thanks to the TCC team.

Name : Prashant Kajaria
School : St. Xavier's, Calcutta
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2012- 14)
"Experience a business school before going to one" - the essence of the entire journey towards CAT preparation can be summarized in this line. The etchings of concepts in the mind through properly shaped concepts classes, discipline and time precision have been the essence of this curriculum which becomes a part of life. My experience with TCC CAT-training has been great, where everything has been literally served on a silver plate and the curriculum has been carefully planned out keeping the student's comfort in mind. It is truly training for life in general and CAT in particular.

Name : Sarvesh Kanodia
School : St. Aloysius; La Martiniere
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (2009-11)
The CAT-training at TCC is a very extensive program and hence one is prepared for all types of exams. It is very structured and starts from the very basics. The amount of personal attention devoted to each student is the primary factor behind excellent performance of the TCC students. But the most important part I believe is the enthusiasm and commitment from Sir & Ma'am towards each student which can't be found elsewhere. Both of them helped me develop a belief that cracking any exam is possible provided one is ready to put in the effort. I would always be grateful to them for what they have taught and done for me including my IIM-dream coming true.

Name : Anish Agarwal
School : Don Bosco; Army School, Bengdubi
Business School : Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (2012-14)
The TCC CAT-training brings out the best in an individual and develops the power of thinking by notches. It was a completely different package with surprises at every step. It was a life time experience which not only helped me enter a premier business school but also provided a training towards life.

Name : Paridhi Jain
School : Modern High
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
The CAT training at TCC cannot be described , it is an experience to be felt and cherished. TCC has always been home for me and needless to say, we learn the most from our parents. Sir & Ma'am have held my hand all through the journey and it is only their love and support that motivated me to strive for excellence at all times.The concepts of life will always remain deep-rooted in me to the extent that today, studying in one the best business schools of the country I feel I am and shall always be better placed than any non-TCC student. Thank you for laying down a bedrock of crystal clear values which upholds my success.

Name : Shashank Agarwal
School : South Point
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
The biggest key to our success in CAT & XAT was the bedrock of crystal clear concepts. The classes were highly innovative. The facility of video classes was highly helpful as were the flexible batch timings. Joining TCC for CAT and GD-PI was a blessing and we learnt more than just the tangibles.It was one of the most memorable experiences and cannot be described in words.

Name : Sakshi Jhunjhunwala
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2012-14)
The CAT-training has truly been customised according to our requirements. The Plan of Action followed by concept classes and continuous tests on the same ensure that we are always in revision mode and never fall out of touch with the topics already taught. Also, the classes have been arranged in such a way so that one can easily link to previous topics. Besides the in-class training, the study material is also all-inclusive.For me TCC isn't a training institute, it is like my family - honing my skills, helping me overcome my weaknesses and training me for life. The ethics and values that have been provided to us by Sir & Ma'am is a blessing in disguise. Training at TCC isn't done for the purpose of conducting business; it is to make us good managers so that we can make the world a better place to live in. I feel proud to be a part of this wonderful family.

Name : Mayank Gupta
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : XLRI, Jamshedpur (2010-12)
From my experience at TCC I can say that the training given is holistic in nature, in the sense that focus is given on all the sections relevant for any of the entrance exams. The faculty members are perhaps one of the best available in the country. The training goes beyond the books & the questions and trains one to become mentally stronger & focused for the D-day, which according to me are the most important factors to be successful. TCC not only helped me clear my entrance exams and interviews but it has been instrumental in helping me sail through my two years at XLRI. And I am sure my learning during the training will be more than useful in my corporate career.

Name : Nidhi Poddar
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (2006-08)
The key distinguishing factor about TCC-CAT training is the personalized attention & unflinching dedication provided by both Sir & Ma'am to each student right from day one to the day of the exam which ensures that one attains a strong grasp on all subjects and also encourages one to inculcate a disciplined attitude towards exam preparation. There is a strong focus on providing a thorough understanding of all the underlying concepts that helps in tackling twisted versions of similar problems with ease. The few months spent in TCC constitute one of the most cherished and valued chapters of my life. The values of sincere dedication and unrelenting pursuit towards goals, that Sir & Ma'am helped inculcate in us by setting forth such strong examples themselves, continue to shape both our personal & professional lives.

Name : Ashish Kumar Agarwal
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (2007-09)
TCC's unparalleled faculty - Sir & Ma'am - is the most inspirational aspect of TCC CAT-training. TCC training is the most personalized education one can receive to successfully crack CAT. It builds a rock solid foundation in concepts which is an absolute necessity for this competitive exam. In hindsight the training is very rigorous and demanding yet necessary at the same time. It is not myopic but takes a much larger view of professional development. It is not geared just towards cracking CAT and GD-PI but instrumental in shaping effective future managers.

Name : Nilisha Agarwal
School : Ashok Hall
Business School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (2011-13)
CAT-training at TCC focuses on Crystal Clear Concepts. Each class was an experience on its own and it left me wondering how complex problems can have such simple solutions. It helped me strategize how to solve papers timely and effectively. At every point throughout the journey, there was unflinching guidance, support and love from Sir & Ma'am which helped me overcome all my fears, doubts and jitters.TCC is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The journey at TCC is a once in a lifetime experience. The learning is not confined to CAT & GD-PI concepts; it transcends all boundaries. TCC brought about a paradigm shift in me and changed the way I think. Today, what I am is because of TCC in general and Sir & Ma'am in particular. I cannot thank them enough.

Name : Navneet Ranjan
School : Sainik School, Tilaiya
Business School : MDI, Gurgaon (2007-09)
True to its commitment, the training made my concepts crystal clear. Once I got my fundamentals right, other things naturally fell in place. Along with GD-PI training it was training on how to lead one's life.The trainings were like an orbit change for me. I got an entirely new perspective of looking at life.

Name : Abhishek Lohia
School : M.P. Birla
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2008-10)
TCC CAT-training stood by the motto of 'crystal clear concepts'. Not only did the classes help me in following a structured approach towards my preparation but the personal attention given by Sir & Ma'am enabled me in overcoming my weaknesses. The TCC-training was not just for CAT or GD-PI but for life. It provided me an experience of a business school before actually going to one. After joining IIFT, I realized I was better prepared than others to handle the expectations and the pressures of the course and no wonder I topped my batch. TCC totally changed my outlook and my personality. Looking back, joining TCC was one of the best decisions, otherwise probably I would not have been where I am today.

Name : Shasank Sekhar Jalan
School : Birla High
Business School : IIFT , Delhi (2012-14)
The CAT training at TCC is a wholesome experience. From brushing up the basics to mastering the fine points , we learnt it all. But a training is not complete without the entire package and it is not just the building blocks of education that we learnt but the linkages of a lifetime. The relationship transcends all boundaries.

Name : Ruchita Choudhary
School : Birla High; LSA
Business School : IIFT, Delhi (2012-14)
Joining TCC for CAT-training was one of the best decisions made by me. Somehow Sir & Ma'am made the difficult journey towards cracking CAT really simple and enjoyable. They made us believe in our capabilities and motivated us to work diligently. The regular classes, discipline, test-series, advice and constant motivation and most importantly, the emphasis on crystal clear concepts helped us in surmounting seemingly insurmountable barriers.

Name : Ashish Buchasia
School : Scindia School, Gwalior ; K.P. Mangalam, Delhi
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (2012-14)
We have parents, who were my first teachers. Then we had Sir & Ma'am, who became my new parents. TCC is the Gurukul I have had the priviledge to attend. Sir & Ma'am are akin to the true GURU. I can say that my career was similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes. By the way, apart from that for life, training for CAT was also impeccable.

Name : Rohit Agarwal
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (2012-14)
There are certain things money can't buy. The TCC-training is once-in-a-lifetime training and does not start or end with CAT academics.The training imbibes a change in the individual's outlook towards his surroundings, changes his attitude towards learning - ultimately changing him. Sir & Ma'am create an atmosphere through which they already create managers, possibly better than most of the premier business schools. They put in them all the good habits and develop their intellect radically.The TCC-training is something which cannot be explained in words. Its feelings, its emotions, its RESPECT is something beyond words.

Name : Aditya Saraogi
School : La Martiniere
Business School : SCMHRD, Pune (2010-12)
The TCC-CAT training not only teaches us what to prepare for CAT but also how to broaden one's thinking in general. TCC training does not only help to get into a business school but also during and post-MBA. Be it soft skills, academic knowledge or way of thinking, TCC concepts have found its application in all these spheres.

Name : Varun Sareen
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : SIBM, Bangalore (2010-12)
TCC is a place where not only the curriculum but also the various aspects of being a successful MBA-graduate is taught at one go. With the brilliance of Sir and the ever so inspirational Ma'am, TCC is surely a place to give one a headstart in one's MBA and career pursuits. The course is laid down to suffice the best of needs of all entrance examinations and is imparted in a way that makes learning not only easy but fun too.I can easily endorse the fact that the training has stood me in good stead first in my Business School life and now all the more when I am in the Corporate World. Also the indispensable services of the entire TCC team and their spirit, care and concern makes every student adopt TCC as their home of learning.

Name : Nidhi Singhania
School : Mahadevi Birla
Business School : Narsee Moonjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (2007-09)
TCC was not just training for securing a place for me in a good Business School- it has taught me "a way of life". To begin with, it reinforced in me to continue to dream without restrictions and that the probability of these dreams coming true is directly proportional to hard work.It made me believe that the only shortcut to success is hard work and it inspired me to create my own niche identity and stay away from the herd mentality ! All in all, it taught me to become a GOOD human being and lead a fulfilling life forever !At every walk of life, the takeaways from the CAT and the GD-PI trainings, make the journey of life easier and the whole training process was designed in such a way that it has got embedded in my individuality for a lifetime !

Name : Saket Agarwala
School : South Point
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (2012-14)
The training is quite complete, covering every possible aspect of the syllabus. One of the very important aspects of the preparation is getting one's doubts cleared as soon as possible. Sir & Ma'am are both sound judges of one's character & emotions. Hence, a student gets into the comfort zone faster as the faculty members are constant and permanent.

Name : Preeti Ghorawat
School : Shri Shikshayatan
Business School : Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore (2011-13)
My decision to join TCC for CAT training was one of the best decisions I ever took. I never knew that I would get much more than I could think of.The run to the end was not that easy but Sir & Ma'am made the journey very simple for us.The CAT training itself gave us the taste of what we would be going through when we join a Business School and now I find my life much easier and disciplined. The amount of personal attention given to each student is astonishing & something I cannot fathom to this day. The TCC training is far beyond the regular ones. It is a journey which covers one's school and college days again. TCC is really special for me and I know it would be for all the TCC students. I really feel great that I am blessed with two families.

Name : Mohit Kejriwal
School : Maria's Day School
Business School : IMT, Ghaziabad (2011-13)
The TCC CAT-training starts from the very basics and reaches a standard which is way above any of the admission tests. Both the CAT and GD-PI trainings have made a remarkable difference in my life. And the best part about the TCC journey is that it never ends,the support of the entire TCC family stays forever.

Name : Mukund Kanodia
School : St. Aloysius, MCKV
Business School : IMT, Ghaziabad (2011-13)
The classes in every way prepared me for CAT. Be it the concepts or be it the application of the same. The material given was more than enough and the numerous online tests boosted my confidence a lot. It is not that the training finished with the classes, I still apply what I had learnt at TCC. Studying 3 hours at a stretch, sitting at one place, never getting late for classes, reading newspaper regularly, etc. are still in my system which helps me perform better than others. All in all the phrase "training for life" is justified to the core.

Name : Nikita Kumar
School : St. Agnes; St. Teresa
Business School : IMT, Nagpur (2012-14)
The journey from day one, through CAT and thereafter through GD-PI has been unexplainable. A learning experience where we received the basket of requisite values, ethics and knowledge of life. It is appropriate to say ''Thank You!''. Rightly quoted by all of us throughout - it is indeed ''a training for life'', an experience never to come back again.

Name : Roshni Chaudhury
School : Modern High
Business School : IMI, Delhi (2012-14)
The training was indeed an enriching and an unparalleled experience. The constant support and motivation I got from Sir & Ma'am went a long way in assuaging my anxieties and enabled me to appear for the examinations with the best possible preparation. TCC is the best, no comparison at all.

Name : Ankit Jhunjhunwala
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
Business School : ICFAI, Hyderabad (2011-13)
The only thing constant is change and the TCC CAT-training imbibes one with the skill-set & mind-set to survive in these changing times. The training provides overall development with Crystal Clear Concepts. For the success of anything there should be a plan of action and the training starts with one where the students get the motivation and the plan of action for the next one year. TCC-training is the best under the sun where a student gets personalised attention and care. It is an integration of qualified and experienced faculty, best infrastructure with latest technology and disciplined staff. The success of TCC is unmatched - this is the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Name : Dipak Goyal
School : Nopany High; Shree Jain
Business School : ICFAI, Hyderabad (2012-14)
The entire CAT-training experience at TCC was very good. The schedule is highly structured and watertight. Learnt not only the concepts from Sir & Ma'am but also learnt to be punctual, disciplined and developed the ability to sit & study for long hours. Thank You Sir, Ma'am and the entire TCC team for guiding me for CAT in particular and life in general.

Name : Tanvi Modi
School : Modern High
Business School : Master of Finance & Control, Delhi (2008-10)
As far as CAT-training is concerned, TCC gives what it requires - total concepts and commitment. The concepts given in the class help better as opposed to the short-cut methods taught elsewhere. The different kinds of tests conducted prepare one for any kind of situation that may arise. Very few institutes allow their students to have a one-to-one meeting with the faculty on a regular basis. But at TCC, both Sir & Ma'am are available to talk regularly. The personal attention one gets here is unmatched.

Name : Jai Rampuria
School : Mayo College Boys, Ajmer
Business School : Wellingkar, Mumbai (2012-14)
The CAT classes are highly structured and organised. With emphasis on crystal clear concepts, even Mathematics became do-able.The training is perfect in every way and catered to all the needs of a business school. For the first time in my life classes were fun. TCC has been an essential influence in my life and is close to my heart. It taught us the Value of "Values".

Name : Anirban Basak
School : St.Michael's ; BCI, Durgapur
Business School : IISWBM, Calcutta (2012-14)
TCC's CAT-training was an unforgettable experience for me. The theory classes were an enormous learning curve.The application classes were hugely helpful in learning ways to tackle problems ranging from very basic to very tough ones. The classes were exhaustive and took care of all the types of problems that one may face in an MBA-entrance examination. Additionally, TCC made me far more punctual and disciplined.Ever since joining TCC I knew that my dreams were no longer mine alone. Thank you for holding my hand through this entire journey. My life would have remained incomplete without TCC.

Name : Rahul Agarwal
School : St. Helen's School
Business School : T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (2012-14)
The first day at CAT-training, knowledge and confidence in myself was zero and no motivation to even try. The last day I was left with a sense of life & confidence and the burn inside to learn more, cannot even believe that it is the same me that was a year back. Life has changed for the good. The bonds created are forever. We shall remember the talks we have heard, the perseverance felt, the passion witnessed and the commitment demonstrated. We shall remember an institute which epitomized these elixirs. We shall be able to relate what it is to witness surreal things in the most realistic environment. What a life changing experience!